Rise Up Bread


Storage Tips

  • Breads prepared with only a few basic ingredients, such as flour, water, yeast, and salt, generally do not keep as long as yeast breads that have been enriched with eggs, butter, and milk. Breads prepared with a starter also keep longer than many of the basic flour and water breads. Quick breads are aptly named, because not only are they quick to prepare, but they are also quick to dry out; consequently, they are best when eaten on the day they are baked.
  • Many bakers recommend that a good loaf of freshly baked bread should not be stored in loose fitting plastic bags. The plastic does not allow the bread to breathe, which can lead to moisture being trapped in the bag, resulting in bread that can be a bit soggy. If it is stored in the refrigerator, the loose fitting plastic bag can actually promote the growth of mold. Although it is true that most commercially prepared bread is sold in plastic bags, most of these breads are sliced and would dry out very quickly if not stored in plastic, and many of them also contain chemical preservatives to increase shelf life, so the issue of whether or not a plastic bag is good or bad is not a factor in this case.
  • Paper works well for bread storage because it allows some air to circulate around the bread.  This doesn't work so well on sliced bread, however.
  • A cloth bag, used specifically for bread storage, is another good method that can be used. A large napkin or piece of cloth can also be used. Cloth keeps the bread fresh, but also allows it to breathe, but only for unsliced loaves.

Fun facts

  • In many European homes, freshly baked bread is stored, cut side down, without any wrapping. Bread that has been prepared using a starter or with only a small quantity of yeast will keep for several days when stored in this fashion.
  • The name sandwich came from the Earl of Sandwich—he granted the use of his name for this novel concept of meat between bread way back in the 1700s, and it’s persevered as a favorite food of people around the world.